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Did you know that over 90% of People Notice Vehicle Wraps?

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

According to the American Trucking Association, auto wraps used as a form of advertising can have a significant impact on your Return on Investment or ROI. For as little as $3,000, your vehicle will be noticed by tens of thousands of people every day. Plus, you'll have maximum control over how your advertisement is displayed and what it says, making it an easy way to build your companies branding.

Why Should I Purchase an Auto Wrap in Maryland for My Company?

Are you wondering why you should invest in an auto wrap to advertise your company? Here are a few reasons why companies consistently invest in auto wraps as part of their marketing budget.

  • Unique Advertising: If you purchase an auto wrap that's done correctly, it can serve as the most unique and exciting advertising purchased for your company. It's something that customers don't see every day.

  • Awareness: Auto wraps bring awareness to your brand, especially to the local community.

  • Networking: Auto wraps are an easy way to network, as people will frequently stop to ask for a business card, which helps you make new connections.

Auto-Wraps in Maryland Last for A Good Chunk of Time

The average auto wrap will last about 36 months. If you purchase a $3500 auto-wrap, you're only spending $3.20 per day for a mobile billboard, which is one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise.

While some warranties and companies claim that an auto wrap warranty will last around five years or more, this is not always true. If you see this being offered, stay away, as it means they're not using high-quality materials like 3M or Avery on your car.

A more realistic expectancy is about three years. Wraps will eventually start to have stains, scrapes, accidents, dents, and flaws over time. However, for the amount of usage you get from your advertising, it's worth it. Plus, once it starts to warp, you can always replace it with another one.

Using a Professional Auto Wrap Company Saves You Time and Money

The life of your auto-wrap depends on the owner's care and the choice of who is producing and installing it on your car. If you choose to do it on your own or use a source for an auto wrap that lacks the proper skills or knowledge, it will fail sooner than the expected three years. Here are a few reasons you need to choose a credible auto-wrap company for your next project.

  • If the prints are not out-gassed before its laminated, it will cause some severe problems to your auto-wrap, including turning brown or the ultimate failure of your product. Professionals know to take this step to ensure your investment is protected.

  • Using too much ink can cause premature failure because the ink can saturate the vinyl. This results in an unstable adhesive on your auto-wrap.

  • Installation is everything. If professional installers do not do the auto wrap installation, you run the risk of having cut marks in your paint (from trimming) from someone who has not been adequately trained. An installer must know the stretching limits of the vinyl and proper finishing methods. If they don't, then the wrap will begin lifting and curling.

  • Warranties are essential to protect your investment, and professionals know how to install them to meet the qualifications of the vinyl manufacturer's warranty.

  • Professionals will maintain your sample print, along with the lot number of the vinyl ordered. This sample will also help the printer manage colors for future products without having the original wrap on site.

Choose a Professional to Help with Your Auto-Wrap Needs

Auto wraps are a great investment tool for your business to build brand image, increase awareness and networking. However, if you're not choosing a reputable company to install it, you risk losing a lot. Before choosing a company, make sure you understand what is included, the production schedule, and the overall process, so you get a high-quality auto wrap installed.

Empire Graphics LLC is an industry expert in auto wraps for cars, trucks and boats. We can service your Maryland, Washington D.C. or Virginia vehicles. If you are interested in purchasing an auto wrap, let's connect so that we can help you with your mobile advertising.

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