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Make an impression! Empire Graphics offers a wide selection of premium electrical signage that is sure to be bright, colorful, and will make your business stand out, day or night. From cabinet signs to LED signs, we'll be sure that your business is in its best light. 


Illuminate your brand and location -- day and night -- using channel letters. Channel letters seem to be the new requirement for landlords in the area. Channel letters allow for an effective way of utilizing a large copy.

Before you sign your lease, make sure you ask your landlord for sign criteria. Channel letter signs are one of the most expensive signs to build and it's critical to budget for this expense before you sign a lease agreement. Our staff will be happy to assist you in understanding the landlord's sign criteria package to determine an accurate budget for signage.



cabinet sign.jpg

Illuminate your brand and location -- day and night -- using lighted cabinet signs. Also commonly called “wall” or “box” signs, cabinet signs are a traditional form of illuminated signage. Cabinet signs allow for an effective way of utilizing large copy area and eye-popping graphics.

Strong and durable, our cabinet signs can be used when small letter size or graphical elements make the use of channel letters impractical. Depending on the complexity of each individual cabinet, our cabinet signs can be made to fit anyone's budget.


A truly eye-catching visual, electronic message center often displays the current time and temperature as well as utilize animation, color, and graphic elements to create a visual impact to grab the viewer's attention. Electronic Message Centers provide quick and effective communication that is essential for every business or organization — whether you run a retail shop, auto dealer, church, school, restaurant, or even a bank.

Every business is unique. We'll work with you to determine the right electronic message center display for your professional needs.

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