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Vehicle Wrap Warranty

Whether your budget allows for a partial or a full car wrap, we will work with you to transform your vision into a powerful mobile advertising machine. No matter the size or shape of your car, we will install your wrap so it appears as though it is hand-painted art in just a few days. Learn more about the 


When purchasing a car wrap from Empire Graphics you will get both  a manufacturers warranty and an Empire Graphics vehicle wrap warranty. 

Empire Graphics - Vehicle wrap warranty

Click on pdf image to view


Don't get puzzled by hidden wrap warranty disclosures!

Other vehicle wrap websites claim 5 years or more for wrap warranties to make a sale.  However they are not being completely honest. Yes vinyl manufacturers have a 5 year wrap warranty. However the small print says that's only for the vertical surfaces. What the small print says is that any Vehicle wrap surface facing upright towards the sun like the roof or hood the vinyl manufacturer will only warranty it for 2.5 years. This leads us back to our car wrap digital printing process


What you see in the picture is a vehicle wrap that has puzzled. It is either older than 5 years or a direct result of a bad printing process.


When purchasing a vehicle wrap from  Empire Graphics you not only get the manufacturers vehicle wrap warranty but we also provide a separate Empire Graphics vehicle wrap warranty. 

Click here to see completed vehicle wrap pictures 

peerles car wrap picture
National Guard Car wrap picture
Just tech car wrap picture
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