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Whether your budget allows for a partial or a full car wrap, we will work with you to transform your vision into a powerful mobile advertising machine. No matter the size or shape of your car, we will install your wrap so it appears as though it is hand-painted art in just a few days. Learn more about vehicle wraps & lettering.



Get noticed with an exterior architectural wrap!

Exterior architectural wraps are the way to go! Architectural wraps help make the most of any design space such as windows, walls, ceilings, and even floors by adding a custom look and style. Our professional team will produce a car wrap guaranteed to catch the eye and deliver a clear message to consumers daily.


Learn more below:

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Increase your return on investment faster!

Interior architectural wraps have a large range of coverage options. When designed properly your interior will still deliver a great impact. We use the same high-quality 3M Control tac car wrap vinyl to produce architectural, but less material and  less labor during the installation equals big savings. Increasing your return on investment even faster.

According to the Transportation Advertising Council, auto wraps garner close to 70,000 impressions daily, making their cost-per-impression dramatically less than traditional forms of advertising such as radio or television.

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To Much is Less!

Architectural wrap designs are crucial and the number one factor to providing the quickest return on your investment. When creating your design we have two key factors, make it eye catching, and make it readable. If these two key factors are not achieved you will not be able to maximize your return on investment. When meeting with our design team you will be asked a series of questions. These questions will help us determine a value of each piece of information you provide for your architectural wrap. The business info with the highest value will be the first piece of info consumers will see or read on the architectural wrap. The goal is to steer the eye of the consumer across each piece of business info provided in a specific order or path. For example if you want to direct consumers to your website. We will give your website the highest value and make sure consumers see it first on your car wrap before any other information. 

We have a strong design team that understands the importance of a return on investment. 

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Car wrap printing


It's the Empire process that will maximize the life of your wrap!

We can't give away all our secrets but we have a process that will insure you get the longest life possible out of your digital prints. With over 20 years of wrapping experience and printing our team can produce digital prints of the highest quality. It the understanding of ink saturation, ink gassing, dot patterns, color gamut, laminating, UV protection, humidity levels, & cleanliness that all contribute to or effect the quality of your digital prints. If any of these conditions are not managed correctly a the time of printing your print quality will be impacted. 

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Who is wrapping building?

Empire has been wrapping for nearly 20 years now. Our vinyl installers have been trained to not only wrap cars but wrap buildings, walls, windows, building columns, concrete and many other unique installations. Their experience and understanding of each manufacturers unique characteristics and applied science during the manufacturing process allows them to complete a professional car wrap installation for you. 3M is our in house choice for digital vinyl and car wrap installation. Avery, OracalArlon are some other top  manufacturers we are also familiar with.

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Don't get puzzled by hidden wrap warranty disclosures!

Other wrap websites claim 5 years or more for wrap warranties to make a sale.  However they are not being completely honest. Yes vinyl manufacturers have a 5 year warranty. However the small print says that's only for the vertical surfaces. What the small print says is that any surface facing upright towards the sun like the roof or hood the vinyl manufacturer will only warranty it for 2.5 years. This leads us back to our car wrap digital printing process


What you see in the picture is a car wrap that has puzzled. It is either older than 5 years or a direct result of a bad printing process.


When purchasing a car wrap from  Empire Graphics you not only get the manufacturers warranty but we also provide a separate in house warranty. 

When purchasing a Vehicle wrap from Empire Graphics you will get both  a manufacturers warranty and an Empire Graphics vehicle wrap warranty. 

Empire Graphics - Vehicle wrap warranty

Click on pdf image to view

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No business downtime!

Architectural vinyl wrapping is up to 80% cheaper than traditional renovation, and achieves the exact same aesthetics! Unlike a true remodel, your business will likely experience no downtime at all. Price varies depending on sizing, material and design time. We would be happy to get a survey scheduled for you, give us a call or send us an email today:

301-893-2700 or

We look forward to bringing your vision to life!

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